National Sport of Sri Lanka – Volleyball

Hon. Dilan Perera (MP) - President - Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation

Hon. Dilan Perera (MP), Minister of Port Development, was unanimously elected President of the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation in 2005. Though, Volleyball had been officially designated the national sport of Sri Lanka, its development had been neglected for generations. Dilan perera, rejuvenated the game under his leadership.

Since 2005 to-date Dilan’s outstanding achievement was to plan the work for the development of Volleyball, and, then, work this plan. This dual approach led to the success that volleyball has achieved under his guidance. Volleyball growth exceeded expectation. The elements of his unprecedented approach were, to, convene a National Convention of stakeholders of the game, covering a broad band width of players- officials, referees, coaches and stakeholders of Volleyball. This holistic approach was a great success and provided Dilan, as the President, a solid foundation from which to lever the implemention of the five year plan.

In the meanwhile, there had developed other games in Sri lanka which had became competitive to Volleyball for national acceptance. Sports are funded primarily through voluntary efforts. In this scenario, volleyball found itself on the margins in respect of sponsorship by commercial organisations. Never daunted, Dilan met this challenge frontally. Using his charm and persuasive skills to the optimum, Dilan was able to find resources to train players, maturing by sending them for competitions outside the country, organising training camps for regional players and even sponsoring of talented regional players to attend national level training. It was a mammoth task of turnaround, successfully achieved. Consequently, Volleyball had re-entered the national consciousness as a game to be played at all levels- both for recreation and competition. As a result of Dilan's re-oriention of national acceptance, for the first time the Volleyball Federation was able to conduct the following Championships with major sponsors.

  • President's Gold Cup - Dialog
  • National School Championships - DSI
  • National Championships - Ceylon Biscuits Limited
  • Beach Volleyball Championship's - Mt Lavinia Hotel
  • National Junior and Youth Championships - Dayata Kirula Exhibition Committee

Before 2005, the Volleyball Federation had approximately 400 clubs as members. It has now reached 4000 mark. This is mainly due to the Strategic Planning and Implementation of President Dilan Perera.

International Competitions

During last five years, the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation had participated at all the Asian Youth, Asian Junior, Asian Senior and Asian Beach competitions, in both the men and women categories. Close relationships were built with the apex body overseeing international volleyball, the Federation International de Volley Ball (FIVB). As a result, during the past few years, FIVB coaches, referees and players were sent to several seminars and training courses in Sri Lanka, with the objective of further enhancing capacity and uplifting the National Game.

The Volleyball Federation has organized the following international events in Sri Lanka, solely for the popularization, development and exposing our local talent to international participation.

  • 1st Asian Central Zone Men's Championships - 2006
  • Volleyball Segment of 10th SAF Games - 2006
  • 7th Asian Youth Boy's Championships - 2008

Special achievements under the presidency of Dilan Perera

  • Beat Pakistan for the first time in the volleyball history of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Men's team entered the final and won Silver Medal at the SAF Games in 2006. The Women's team too won the Silver Medal.
  • At the 7th Asian Youth Boy's Championships in 2008, Sri Lanka defeated Australia and entered the Super League round. Sri Lanka was ranked 7th amongst 68 Volleyball playing countries in Asia.
  • For the first time, in 2009, Sri Lanka won a medal at an international event in the men's category, in Beach Volleyball. This was at the Asia Pacific Beach Volleyball Championships held in Dacca.
  • Dilian Perera became the first Sri Lankan- elected unanimously- Member of the International Volleyball Tribunal under the Legal Commission, of Federation International de Volleyball (FIVB). The was an honour to Sri Lanka and an international recognition of Dilan's personal professionalism.

As the President of the Sri Lanka Volleyball Federation, receiving a token as the sponsorship package from Chirantha de Zoysa Senior Manager Group Marketing