Priyanka Kurugala

Programmes introduced to provide skills training for prospective migrant workers are being implemented successfully under the Mahinda Chinthana concept, Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera said.

He said the training programmes are a boon for locals migrating for employment.

The minister was speaking at the opening ceremony of the Pre - Orientation Departure Centre at Airport Junction, Katunayake.

Perera said Sri Lanka's migrant workers contribute much for the country's economy. “It is the government's duty and responsibility to look into migrant workers' welfare. The Pre - Orientation Departure Centre was set up to help migrant workers face new challenges in the foreign employment market,” he said.

The minister said this facility will help uplift the Sri Lankan work force to reach international standards.
Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment chairman Amal Senalankadhikara said this new facility will help identify international job market demands and adapt to the changes.

“This programme will also help develop women migrant workers' personality,” he said. Senalankadhikara said certain countries recruiting foreign labour are reluctant to abide by international labour laws.

The SLBFE is pressing for these laws to be activated through the International Labour Organisation and International Migration Organisation, he said.

The Centre consists of conference halls and hostels. Facilities are available for women migrant workers to have make- up done at the Centre (15 persons at a time). Facilities will be available 24 hours before departure.

A make-up is done on a woman bound abroad for employment. Looking one are Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare Minister Dilan Perera and Foreign Employment Bureau chairman Amal Senalankadhikara.