Hon. Dilan Perera, Minister of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare, welcomed HE Mr. Jongmoon Choi, the New Ambassador of Korea in Sri Lanka, on 06th May 2011 at the Ministry Office.

Hon. Dilan Perera said that Korea and Sri Lanka have had long and cordial relations with each other. His ministry had closer links because it was responsible for implementing the inter governmental agreement on employment of Sri Lankans in Korea. Sri Lanka has currently a quota of 7500

HE Jongmoon Choi said that there was agreement among Korean employers that Sri Lankan workers sent under the agreement were good workers and loyal to the institution. He was troubled that Sri Lanka was not able to fill the existing quota.

Hon. Dilan Perera said that a renewed effort was being made to produce those who would be qualified to meet the standards for recruitment. He canvassed for higher quota. HE Jongmoon Choi agreed to discuss the issue with the authorities in Korea.

The meeting was held in a extremely cordial manner. At the end, HE Jongmoon Choi invited Hon. Dilan Perera to visit Korea. Hon. Dilan Perera accepted with thanks.